Childcare studies published

Arad’s latest findings on the evaluation of the Childcare Offer has now been published. This third year evaluation report explores the experiences of parents and childcare providers.

Many parents reported accessing more hours of formal childcare whilst the Childcare Offer also provided the potential to increase earnings and work more flexibly. Many providers also reported positive effects on the profitability and sustainability of their business.

The Childcare Offer was suspended for new children in March 2020 due to COVID-19, and its budget repurposed to support the childcare needs of critical workers and the needs of vulnerable children. This was done via the Coronavirus Childcare Assistance Scheme. Arad’s evaluation of that scheme reviewed the way the scheme was designed, delivered and lessons learnt. It also considered the impact it had on participating parents, providers, families of vulnerable children, the future sustainability of the childcare sector and future take up of the Childcare Offer.

Despite the positive impact of childcare Support – as set out in the above evaluations,  there are still groups potentially missing out on funded Childcare, which could help them return to education, training and employment. Arad’s review of those groups potentially missing out, Review of the childcare support available for parents in education, training or returning to work is also published today.