Welsh Government – Evaluation of the Welsh-medium Education Strategy (2012-2015)

Arad is currently completing a three-year evaluation to assess the impact and effectiveness of the Welsh Government’s strategy to support the growth of Welsh-medium education. The study considered the Strategy’s influence on the planning of Welsh-medium, workforce development, Welsh language skills and the support available to practitioners. The research methods used included detailed area studies in six local authorities, a national survey of head teachers, interviews with stakeholders, learners and parents. As part of the programme of research Arad also completed reviews of a series of specific initiatives that form part of the Strategy’s delivery plan. These initiatives were:

  • The Welsh language Sabbatical Scheme for education practitioners;
  • The Welsh-medium education resources commissioning programme;
  • The Bilingual Champions in further education project;
  • Two projects focused on supporting Welsh second language provision and the use of Welsh in English-medium schools.

Reports published as part of the evaluation can be accessed here: