Welsh language research

Welsh Language Commissioner – Review of management arrangements for Welsh-language skills in the workforce (2016)

Arad was commissioned by the Welsh Language Commissioner to undertake a review of management arrangements for Welsh-language skills in the workforce across the 22 local authorities and 8 health boards and trusts in Wales. The review covered strategic management arrangements, workforce planning and monitoring, recruitment and skills development (including training). Read more →

Welsh Government – Evaluation of the Welsh-medium Education Strategy (2012-2015)

Arad is currently completing a three-year evaluation to assess the impact and effectiveness of the Welsh Government’s strategy to support the growth of Welsh-medium education. The study considered the Strategy’s influence on the planning of Welsh-medium, workforce development, Welsh language skills and the support available to practitioners. The research methods Read more →

Welsh Government – Research into Welsh second language (2011)

Arad completed research to collect information on the organisation and provision of Welsh second language education in Key Stages 2, 3 and 4 in order to shape future developments. The objectives of the research were to collect information on the time allocated to the subject; the qualifications that learners study Read more →

Welsh Government – First Stage Evaluation of Iaith Pawb (2007)

A stage one evaluation of Iaith Pawb – the Welsh Government’s cross-cutting national action plan for a bilingual Wales.  The study included an overarching assessment of the impact of around 70 projects that were included as part of the action plan and developing a framework for further research to assess Read more →